K. Electromagnetic Principles

K1. Forces On Moving Charges
Force On Current In Magnetic Field
Force On Current In Magnetic Field - Portable
Force Between Current-Carrying Coils
Cathode Ray Tube - Deflection By Current
Cathode Ray Tube - Deflection By Magnet
Oscilloscope Crt - Deflection By Magnet
Oscilloscope Crt - Deflection By Electric Field
Visible Crt
Torque On Current Loop In Magnetic Field
K2. Electromagnetic Induction
Induction In A Single Wire
Faraday's Experiment - Eme Set - 20, 40, 80 Turn Coils
Self-Induction - Demountable Transformer
Demountable Transformer - 10 Kv Arc
Lenz's Law - Magnet In Aluminum Tube
Lenz's Law - Permanent Magnet And Coils
Eddy Current Pendulum
Thomson's Coil
K3. Transformers
Induction In A Transformer
Demountable Transformer - V Vs N - Oscilloscope
K4. Motors And Generators
Ac/Dc Generator
Magnetoelectric Generator With Lamp
Magnetoelectric Generator With Capacitor And Meter
Dc Motor
Dc Motor - Homemade
Motor-Generator Pair
K5. Electrical Properties Of Matter
Battery Model
Electric Cell
Current In Biceps Muscle
Ac Plug Circuit Checker
Ac Plug Circuit Checker Checker
Rotating Two-Color Led
Ohm's Law
Resistance Vs Diameter And Length
Conductivity Of Salt Solution
Thermal Coefficient Of Resistance In Copper
Resistors At Ln Temperature
Resistors At Ln Temperature - Light Bulb Indicator
V-I Curves For Ohmic And Non-Ohmic Devices
Non-Ohmic Device - V Vs. I
Non-Ohmic Device - Light Bulb
Semiconductor Model
K6. Electric Circuits And Instruments
Series And Parallel Lights - Two Bulbs
Series And Parallel Lights - Five Bulbs
Series And Parallel Light Bulbs - Battery And Clip-On Wires
Heating In Current-Carrying Wire
Energy Conversion - Immersion Heater
Hot Dog Cooker - 110 Vac
Wheatstone Bridge
Meter With Shunts And Multipliers
Voltage Divider
Diode Rectifiers And Filters
Sine Wave And Rectified Sine Wave
Kirchoff's Laws
Tv Monitor With Oscillator
K7. Rlc Circuits
Rl Circuit - 50 Microsecond Time Constant
Inductor Delaying A Lamp
Rc Circuit - Rc Time Constant - Oscilloscope
Rc Circuit - Rc Time Constant - Projection Meters
Rc Circuit - Rc Time Constant - Storage Scope
Rc Circuit - 100 Microsecond Time Constant
Current In Rc Circuit
Rlc Circuit - 10 Khz - Resonance
Rlc Circuit - 10 Khz - Damped Oscillations
Rlc Circuit - 60 Hz
Rlc Circuit - 60 Hz With Light Bulb Load
Rlc Circuit - 0.3 Hz Resonance
Rlc Circuit - 10 Khz - Phase Shifts
Rlc Circuit - 0.6 Hz With Storage Scope
Rlc Circuit - 0.6 Hz Transients
Rc Circuit - Differentiation And Integration
Barricade Flasher
Relaxation Oscillator - Neon Lamp
Rlc Circuit Box - Differentiation And Integration
Low And High Pass Filters
Phasor Disc
Tesla Coil
K8. Electromagnetic Waves
Introduction To Light Behavior
Light Nanosecond
Microwaves - Standing Waves
Radiowaves - Standing Waves
Radiowaves - Standing Waves In An Antenna
Microwaves - Waveguides
Microwaves - Tubular Waveguide
Transmission Line Sample
Pulses In Transmission Lines
Hertzian Dipoles
Radiowaves - Energy And Dipole Pattern
Radiowaves - Freq Measurement With Oscilloscope
Radiowaves - Coupling Of Waves
Infrared Eye