J. Electrostatics And Magnetostatics

J1. Electrostatic Charge And Force
Electrostatic Hair Raising
Kilovolt Carpet
Kilovolt Instructor
Charged Balloons
Induction - Electroscope
Electrostatic Induction
Electrostatic Attrac And Repuls - Charged Cylinders
Electrostatic Attrac And Repuls - Wimshurst Machine
Van De Graaff - Trained Rabbit
Van De Graaff - Repulsion Of Pie Pans
Qualitative Existence Of Electrostatic Forces
Coulomb'S Law - Projection
Van De Graaff - Pendulum
Conductors And Insulators
J2. Electrostatic Devices And Applications
Wimshurst Machine
Van De Graaff Generator With Ground Sphere
Franklin's Wheel
Lightning Rod Simulator
Electrostatic Smoke Precipitator
Jacob's Ladder - Portable
J3. Electric Fields And Potential
Electric Field Lines - Soap Bubbles
Van De Graaff - Induction With Spheres And Neon Bulb
Van De Graaffs - Interacting Fields
Flux Model - Electrostatics
Faraday Cage
Faraday Cage - Electroscope
Hollow Conducting Sphere
J4. Capacitance And Polarization
Parallel Plate Capacitor
Polar And Nonpolar Liquids
Electrostatic Force - Moving Lumber
Color Filter Model Of Charged Dielectric
Discharge Of Capacitor With Bang
J5. Magnetostatics
Magnetic Field Of A Bar Magnet
Magnetic Field - Eme Set - Bar Magnet
Magnet Model - Field Lines
Bar Magnet, Klinger Magnet Model, And Overhead Projector.◙
Magnetic Field - Eme Set - Straight Wire
Magnetic Field - Eme Set - Two-Turn Helix
Magnetic Field - Eme Set - Solenoids
Magnetic Field Around Single And Parallel Wires
Magnetic Filed Around Wire, Loop, Solenoid
Helmholtz Coils And Hall Probe
Oersted Experiment
Quadrupole Magnetic Filed
Magnetic Levitation - Permanent Magnet And Electromagnet
Torque On A Bar Magnet
Magnets Interacting On Pivots
J6. Electromagnets
Electromagnet With Bang
Electromagnet With Junk
Low-Power High-Force Electromagnet
Force On Solenoid Core - Small
Circuit Paradoxes
J7. Magnetic Materials
Paramagnetism And Diamagnetism
Curie Point Of Iron
Magnetic Domains - Model