C. Kinematics And Dynamics

C2. Kinematics In One And Two Dimentions
Water Drop Parabola
Air Track - Constant Velocity And Uniform Acceleration
Air Track - Direct Measurement Of Acceleration
Air Track - Uniform Acceleration - Four Gates
Free Fall With Photocell Gates
Ball Drop On Rope - Equal And Unequal Intervals
Free Fall - Equal Time Intervals
Constant Velocity - Galileo'S Experiment
Racing Balls
Balls Dropped And Shot
Monkey And Hunter
Funnel Cart
Funnel Cart With Mass Over Pulley
C7. Collisions
Collision Of Ball With Student
Air Track - Elastic Collisions
Air Track -Inelastic Collisions
Air Track - Scattering Without Contact
Collisions Of Balls - Equal Masses
Collisions Of Balls With Floor
Silly Putty
Air Table - Collisions Of Pucks
Ballistic Pendulum - Laboratory Model
C1. Center Of Mass Motion
Air Track - Center Of Mass Pendulum
Air Track - Center Of Mass Of Coupled Gliders
Air Track - Reduced Mass
C3. First Law Of Motion
Inertia - Small Steel Ball
Inertia - Tablecloth Trick
Inertia - Masses Hanging In Series
Inertia - Lead Brick And Hand
Inertia - Pen In Bottle
C4. Second Law Of Motion
Air Track - Newton's Second Law
Acceleration By Iterated Blows
Accelerometer - Ball In Water
Accelerometer On Inclined Plane
Accelerometer On Rotator
Air Track - Accelerometer
Helium Balloon In Accelerated Box
Atwood Machine
Atwood Machine With Heavy Pulley
Air Track - The Acceleration Of Gravity
Free Fall In Vacuum - Guinea And Feather
Galileo'S Experiment - Masses In Free Fall
Terminal Velocity - Bottle In Tube
Terminal Velocity - Stacked Coffee Filters
Weightlessness In Free Fall - Mass In Beaker
Weightlessness In Free Fall - Mass On Spring
Acceleration On A Scale
Dropped Slinky
C5. Third Law Of Motion
Newton'S Third Law - Static Dynamometers
Spring And Pulley Paradox
Air Track - Action-Reaction Pairs
Water Rocket
Rocket Bottle
Fan Cart
Action And Reaction - Instructor And Cart
Air Track - Sailing Upwind
Sailing Upwind - Hairdryer And Sailboat
C6. Friction
Inclined Plane - Friction Box And Weights
Inclined Plane - Friction Block
Friction Direction On Inclined Plane
Air Track - Inclined Plane Friction
Sliding Friction - Lecture Table And Felt
Skidding Automobile
Suspended Rod On Water
C8. Mechanical Energy And Power
Giant Pendulum
Giant Pendulum For Classrooms
Galileo's Pendulum
Hill Track
Pile Driver
Jumping Clamp
Work Done By Pushing On Wall
Power - Climbing Ladder
Power - Using Gravity
Power - Instructor Dragging Concrete Block