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L7-12. Optical Board - Telephoto Lens


To illustrate the location of the principal planes in a telephoto lens.


Optical board with slit baffle and accessory lenses.

Setup Time

5 minutes.




Form a "telephoto lens" from the combination of one double-convex lens and two plano-concave lenses, trace rays back to locate the principal plane. Reverse the "telephoto lens" elements to locate the other principal plane. For comparison with the measurement, the foci and principal planes can be calculated using f(c)=20", f(d)=-20", and t=10". Choice of slit baffle and distance of baffle from the light source determine the number of rays and their spacing.


(PIRA unknown.) See Demonstration Reference File for details of the procedure and the calculation, as well as references for the theory. See also Demonstration L7-31: PRINCIPAL PLANES.

L. Geometrical Optics

L. Geometrical Optics

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