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K7-27. RLC Circuit - 10 Khz - Phase Shifts


To show the phase shift between components in a series RLC circuit.


RLC circuit, oscillator, switch, ungrounded power plug adapter, dual trace oscilloscope with scope/TV cart.

Setup Time

10 minutes.




A commercial RLC circuit demonstrator (See Demonstration K7-21.) is used with a dual trace scope to compare the phase of the voltage across various components of an RL or an RC circuit. Either the inductor or the capacitor can be shorted out to observe the phase difference between the resistor and the inductor or resistor and the capacitor in a series RL or RC circuit. The capacitor should give the theoretical phase shift, but the inductor is not as simple due to its resistance. Use ungrounded power plug for oscillator to avoid adding an additional ground to the circuit.


Lecture Demonstration Circuit Diagram. ◙Zdenek Hurych, Study of the phase relationships in resonant RLC circuits using a dual-trace oscilloscope, AJP 43, 1011-1012 (1975).

K. Electromagnetic Principles

K. Electromagnetic Principles

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