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Hooke'S Law And Shm


To quantitatively demonstrate how the spring constant effects the period of a mass on a spring.


4 200g masses, 2-meter scale, C-clamp, aluminum block, table clamp, pendulum clamp, 5 foot rod, display timer, small combination square.◙




Determine the spring constant from the relationship F=kx using various numbers of 200 gram weights◙hanging from the spring. Hang groups of 200 gram weights from the spring and create vertical oscillations, obtaining the period usin g the manual timer. Compare with the period calculated from the relation T = 2 pi SQRT (m/k), where k was obtained above. ◙This can be compared with actual integration of the equations of motion using a computer.◙


Lecture Demonstration Records Sheet. ◙Exerts from Physics 117 lab.

G. Vibrations And Mechanical Waves

G. Vibrations And Mechanical Waves

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