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Precession And Nutation Of Gyroscope - Model


To show the geometrical relation between precession and nutation of a gyroscope. ◙


Gyroscope model, as photographed.




The model consists of a large wooden cone which sits on the table and a metal rod used to show the nature of precession and nutation. The rod, attached to a small wheel, passes through a moveable pivot on top of the cone. The rod rotates about its axis as the wheel rolls around the base of the cone. The movement of the rod shows precession. A smaller rod, attached at the end opposite the wheel at some fixed angle from the larger rod, indicates nutation. The smaller rod can be positioned at four different angles and there are three different wheel sizes, so that different ratios of nutation and


(PIRA 1Q50.51) See Demonstration Reference File for details regarding the use of this device as well as◙discussion of the nature of precession and nutation.◙

D. Rotational Mechanics

D. Rotational Mechanics

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