Diode Rectifiers And Filters


To demonstrate rectification of 60 Hz AC by a diode and by a bridge rectifier.


Variac, isolation transformer with adapter, half-wave rectifier (diode), full-wave rectifier (bridge rectifier), 1◙Henry 90 ohm choke, 30 microfarad capacitor, 470 ohm load resistor, with oscilloscope on scope/TV cart.◙


Setup Time

10 min




A single diode can be used as a half-wave rectifier or a bridge rectifier as a full-wave rectifier, as per the◙circuits below. An inductor and a capacitor are used to filter out the ripple from the resulting output. A load must be present for the circuit to work


Lecture Demonstration Record Form, Test Data, and Circuit Diagram. ◙Sergio Mascarenhas, Half-Wave, Full-Wave Rectification and Filter Action without an Oscilloscope, AJP 25, 584 (1957).