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Accelerometer On Inclined Plane


To illustrate the behavior of a liquid accelerometer accelerating down an inclined plane.


Accelerometer with incline, as photographed.◙


Ask your students to vote on what will happen before performing the experiment: Will the water move toward the front (downhill), move toward the rear (as in the flat case), or line up parallel to the incline?




When the liquid accelerometer is accelerated, the liquid moves in the direction opposite to the acceleration, because of its inertia. When it is held motionless on an incline, the liquid moves toward the downhill side. Q: What wil l happen to the liquid when the accelerometer is allowed to accelerate down the incline? A: It will line up with the surface of the water parallel to the inclined plane.


Advertisement for R Value's Roach Kill, an antifungal agent to be mixed into the water in the accelerometer.

C. Kinematics and Dynanmics

C. Kinematics and Dynanmics

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