Lab Demo List

Power - Instructor Dragging Concrete Block
Coupled Series Masses Hanging On Springs
Water Barometer - Can Crusher
Induction Coil With Light Bulb
Pendulum With Large Oscillation
Wien's Law Of Thermal Radiation
Color Wheel
Boyle's Law - Projection
Chladni Figures - Bowed
Thermal Expansion - Bimetal Strip
A1. Basic Materials & Measurements
Masses - Kilogram & Pound
Masses - Kilogram & Pound
Lengths - Meter & Yard
Metric Tape
Volume Measure Demonstration
Volumes - Spherical Vs Cylindrical
A2. Mathematics
Probability Board - Projection
Cartesian Coordinate Axes
Circumference & Diameter - Chain On Cylinder
Slated Sphere
Vector Product
Trigonometric Functions For Math Review
Direction Cosines Model
Line Integral Model
B1. Center Of Mass Statics
Leaning Tower
Center Of Mass - Leaning Tower On Incline Plane
Double Cone - Small
Center Of Mass - Hinged Stick Paradox
Corbeled Arch
B2. Equilibrium Of Forces And Torques
Equilibrium Of Torques - Wheels And Axles
Equilibrium Of Torques - Large
Equilibrium Of Torques - Small
Equilibrium Of Torques On Meterstick
Crane Boom
Sum Of Forces In A Line
Sum Of Forces - Spring Scales
Equilibrium Of Forces - Inclined Plane
Vertical Forces - Four Spring Scales
Equilibrium Of Forces - Board Background
Sum Of Forces - Large Rope Version
Addition Of Non-Linear Forces
Vector Addition With Rope And Students
Torque - Physical Definition
Torque Condition For Equilibrium
B3. Simple Machines
Lever And Loaded Wagon
Levers - Three Classes
Lever - Wrecking Bar
Pulley - Mechanical Advantage
Pulley Vs No Pulley
Equilibrium Paradox - Scales And Pulley
Screw Jack - Human Lift
Endless Screw
B4. Elasticity
Spring And String Thing
Elastic Limit Of Rubber Band
Elastic Limit Of Solder Spring
Elastic Limit Of A Balloon
Elastic Limit Of Wire
Can Crusher - Wall Stability
Egg Crusher
Hooke'S Law
Hooke'S Law - Compressing A Spring
Springs In Series And Parallel
C1. Center Of Mass Motion
Air Track - Center Of Mass Pendulum
Air Track - Center Of Mass Of Coupled Gliders
Air Track - Reduced Mass
C2. Kinematics In One And Two Dimentions
Constant Velocity - Galileo'S Experiment
Racing Balls
Balls Dropped And Shot
Monkey And Hunter
Water Drop Parabola
Funnel Cart
Funnel Cart With Mass Over Pulley
Air Track - Constant Velocity And Uniform Acceleration
Air Track - Direct Measurement Of Acceleration
Air Track - Uniform Acceleration - Four Gates
Free Fall With Photocell Gates
Ball Drop On Rope - Equal And Unequal Intervals
Free Fall - Equal Time Intervals
C3. First Law Of Motion
Inertia - Small Steel Ball
Inertia - Tablecloth Trick
Inertia - Masses Hanging In Series
Inertia - Lead Brick And Hand
Inertia - Pen In Bottle
C4. Second Law Of Motion
Accelerometer On Rotator
Air Track - Accelerometer
Helium Balloon In Accelerated Box
Atwood Machine
Atwood Machine With Heavy Pulley
Air Track - The Acceleration Of Gravity
Free Fall In Vacuum - Guinea And Feather
Galileo'S Experiment - Masses In Free Fall
Terminal Velocity - Bottle In Tube
Terminal Velocity - Stacked Coffee Filters
Weightlessness In Free Fall - Mass In Beaker
Weightlessness In Free Fall - Mass On Spring
Air Track - Newton's Second Law
Acceleration On A Scale
Acceleration By Iterated Blows
Dropped Slinky
Accelerometer - Ball In Water
Accelerometer On Inclined Plane
C5. Third Law Of Motion
Air Track - Action-Reaction Pairs
Water Rocket
Rocket Bottle
Fan Cart
Action And Reaction - Instructor And Cart
Air Track - Sailing Upwind
Sailing Upwind - Hairdryer And Sailboat
Newton'S Third Law - Static Dynamometers
Spring And Pulley Paradox
C6. Friction
Inclined Plane - Friction Box And Weights
Inclined Plane - Friction Block
Friction Direction On Inclined Plane
Air Track - Inclined Plane Friction
Sliding Friction - Lecture Table And Felt
Skidding Automobile
Suspended Rod On Water
C7. Collisions
Air Track - Scattering Without Contact
Collisions Of Balls - Equal Masses
Collisions Of Balls With Floor
Collision Of Ball With Student
Silly Putty
Air Table - Collisions Of Pucks
Ballistic Pendulum - Laboratory Model
Air Track - Elastic Collisions
Air Track -Inelastic Collisions
C8. Mechanical Energy And Power
Power - Instructor Dragging Concrete Block
Giant Pendulum
Giant Pendulum For Classrooms
Galileo's Pendulum
Hill Track
Pile Driver
Jumping Clamp
Work Done By Pushing On Wall
Power - Climbing Ladder
Power - Using Gravity
D. Rotational Mechanics
Rotating Mass On String
Centripetal Force On Rotating Rubber Band
D1. Rotational Kinematics And Dynamics
Stroboscope And Fan
Trajectory From Circular Orbit
Rotating Mass On Spring
Rotating Water Bucket
Inertial Forces - Balls In Rotating Jars
Accelerometers And Frames Of Reference
Rotating Elastic Rings
Rolling Versus Sliding
Conservation Of Energy In Rolling Body
D2. Moment Of Inertia
Miscellaneous Bodies On Inclined Plane
Cans On Inclined Plane - With And Without Water
Racing Pendula
Center Of Percussion - Bat And Mallet
Moments Of Inertia About Three Principal Axes
Ring And Disc On Inclined Plane
D3. Angular Momentum
Mass On String - Orbits With Varying Radius
Rotating Stool And Weights
Swing Model
D4. Gyroscopes
Gyroscope - Toy
Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope On Pivot
Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope On Rope
Gyroscope With Gimbal Rings
Electric Gyroscope
Precession And Nutation Of Gyroscope - Model
Zero-Torque Gyroscope
Air Gyroscope
D5. Rotational Esoterica
Stable And Unstable Principal Axes
Focault Pendulum - Model
Foucault Pendulum - 6 Ft
Rotating Pendula - Length Vs. Height
E1. Gravitation And Orbits
Marble In Glass Bowl
E2. Astronomy
Expanding Universe
World Globe
Measurement Of Radius Of Earth
Fusion Model
Basic Planetarium
Twinkling Star
Non-Twinkling Planet
Gravitational Collapse - Model
F1. Pressure In Static Fluids
Fluid Pressure Vs Depth
Fluid Pressure Vs Depth - Aneroid Gauge
Water Seeks Its Own Level
Hydraulic Press
Pascal'S Law - Coiled Tube Paradox
Constant Water Pressure
F2. Buoyancy
Reaction To Buoyant Force
Archimedes' Principle
Cartesian Diver
Buoyancy - Sphere And Water
Buoyancy - Boat And Rock
Buoyancy - Sinking Boat
Buoyancy - Pepsi And Diet Pepsi
Buoyant Bubbles
Hot Air Balloon
F3. Surface Tension
Surface Tension - Balloons
Surface Tension - Thread On Water
Surface Tension - Thread In Frame
F4. Fluid In Motion
Viscosity Of Liquids
Silly Putty
Parachute Toy
Laminar And Turbulent Flow Of Air
Liquid In Spinning Sphere
Water Pendulum
Cyclone In A Bottle
Mariotte'S Bottle
F5. Pressure In Moving Fluids
Venturi Tube With Manometers
Bernoulli'S Principle - Thin Metal Sheets
Bernoulli'S Principle - Small Ball And Funnel
Chimney Draw With Water
G1. Simple Harmonic Motion
Stringless Pendulum
Inverted Pendulum - Speaker Driven
Examples Of Simple Harmonic Motion
Comparison Of Shm And Ucm
Pendulum And Rotating Ball
Loaded Pendulum
Mass On String
Pendula With Different Masses
Bifilar Pendulum
Pendula With 4 To 1 Length Ratio
Chaos - Two Double Physical Pendula
Lissajous Figures - Sand Pendulum
Pendulum With Large-Angle Oscillation - Portable
Pendulum With Force Scale
Hooke'S Law And Shm
Mass On Spring - With Stand
Air Track - Simple Harmonic Motion
Mass On Spring - Efficient Model
Large Torsional Pendulum
Inverted Spring Pendulum
G2. Resonance And Coupled Oscillations
Elastic Pendulum
Mass On Spring - Hand Held
Resonance In Torsional Pendulum - Projection
Psychoacoustic Vibration Transducer
Fourier Synthesizer - Addition Of Waves
Coupled Pendula
Bar-Coupled Pendula
Beats - Oscillators, Speakers And Oscilloscope
Spring-Coupled Physical Pendula
Coupled Pendula - 100 To 1 Mass Ratio
Coupled Air Track Gliders
G3. Mechanical Waves - One-Dimensional
Air Table - Transverse And Longitudinal Waves
Suspended Slinky
Kundt'S Tube - Oscillator Driven
Shive Wave Machine - Traveling Waves
Suspended Slinky - Portable
Shive Wave Machine - Superposition Of Pulses
Singing Pipes
Shive Wave Machine - Reflection Of Pulses
Rope Wave Generator - Frequency Vs Wavelength
Flame Tube
Shive Wave Machine - Standing Waves
Rope Wave Generator - Rope Tension Vs Wavelength
Shive Wave Machine - Partial Reflections
Standing Waves On A String
Shive Wave Machine - Impedance Matching
Shive Wave Machine - Tapered Transformer
Shive Wave Machine - Fabrey-Perot Interferometer
Stroked Aluminum Rod
Transverse Waves On A Long Spring
Velocity Of Transverse Wave Along A Rope.
Transverse Waves On A Long Spring - Free End
Slinky On Lecture Table - Traveling Waves
Slinky On Lecture Table - Impedance Mismatch
Air Track - Longitudinal Waves
G4. Mechanical Waves - Two-Dimensional
Ripple Tank
Chladni Figures - Bowed
Ripple Tank - Doppler Effect
Soap Film Oscillations
Standing Waves On A Soap Film
Fourier Synthesis
H1. Nature Of Sound
Speed Of Sound - Phase Change
Speed Of Sound In Aluminum
Speed Of Sound In Helium And Sulfur Hexafluoride
Speed Of Sound Between Two Microphones
Sound Level Meter
Wavetek And Audio Cart - Equal Sound Level Steps
Bell In Vacuum
Speaker And Candle
Microphone And Oscilloscope
Waveform Generator, Speaker And Oscilloscope.
H2. Wave Properties Of Sound
Sound Lens
Audible Young'S Experiment - Group Listening
Audible Young'S Experiment - Mic And Scope
Doppler Ball
Beats - Audio Oscillators And Speakers
H3. Standing Sound Waves
Kundt'S Tube - Stroked Rod
Tuning Forks And Resonant Tube
Sound Resonance In Water Tube
Resonance Tube - Oscillator And Plunger
Resonance In Tube - Pouring Water
Beaker Breaker
Standing Sound Waves - Two Sources
Standing Sound Waves - Reflection
H4. Music
Guitar And Oscilloscope
Modulation - Am And Fm
Synthesizer Introduction - Voltage Control Of Frequency
Fourier Analysis - Wave Shape And Spectrum
Lissajous Frequency Measurement
Lissajous Figures With Sound
Sound Board - Tuning Fork And Lecture Table
H5. The Ear
Ear Model
Wavetek And Audiocart - Frequency Range Of Hearing
Waveteks And Audiocart - Masking
Ohm'S Law Of Hearing - Fourier Synthesizer
Compact Disc - Auditory Demonstrations
H6. The Voice
Fourier Analysis Of Voice
Helium Voice
I1. Thermal Properties Of Matter
Thermal Expansion Of Aluminum - Optical Lever
Water Density Vs Temperature
Rubber Band Engine
Rubber Band Contraction During Heating
Thermoelectric Fan
Rubber At Ln Temperature
Tuning Fork At Liquid Nitrogen Temperature
Burning Candle - Combustion Process
Thermal Expansion - Ball And Hole
Thermal Expansion - Ball And Ring
Thermal Expansion - Bimetal Strip
I2. Transfer Of Heat
Crookes' Radiometer
Thermopile With Dvm
Radiative Heat Transfer
Thermal Conductivity In Water
Leidenfrost Phenomenon
Convection - Hot Plate
I3. Gases
Water Barometer - Bottle Collapse
Inverted Glass Of Water
Magdeburg Hemispheres
Magdeburg Hemispheres - Portable
Collapse Of Can - Large Pump
Collapse Of Can - Portable Pump
Lifting Using Atmospheric Pressure
Isobaric Expansion Of Air
Helium Balloon On Liquid Nitrogen
Boyled Marshmallows
Constant Volume Gas Thermometer - Absolute Zero
I4. Changes Of State
Change Of State Of Ln - Popping Can Lid
Change Of State With Bang
Condensation Of Steam - Gallon Can Collapse
Drinking Bird
Air Balloon On Liquid Nitrogen
Pulse Glass
Condensation Of Steam - Soda Can Collapse
Ice Bomb
Freezing Water By Pumping
Hand Warmer
Lowering The Freezing Point Of Water Using Salt
Pvt Phase Diagrams For Co2 And H2O
Boiling At Reduced Pressure
Boiling Water By Pumping
I5. Laws Of Thermodynamics
Fire Syringe
Stirling Engine
Mechanical Equivalent Of Heat - Shot Bag
Transformation Of Mechanical Energy Into Heat
Adiabatic Expansion Of Air - Fog In Bottle
Heating Air By Compression
I6. Kinetic Theory And Statistical Mechanics
Maxwell Demon
Gas Pressure - Model
Equipartition Of Energy
Brownian Motion With Tv
Gas Diffusion - Model
Diffusion - Food Color In Water
Molecular Motion Demo - Brownian Motion
Molecular Motion Demo - Random Motion In Gases
Molecular Motion Demo - Gas Pressure
Molecular Motion Demo - Temperature Of A Gas
Molecular Motion Demo - Diffusion
Molecular Motion Demo - Avogadro'S Hypothesi
Molecular Motion Demo - Van Der Walls Forces
Molecular Motion Demo - Boyle's Law
Molecular Motion Demo - Charles' Law
I7. Solid State and Low Temperature Physics
Crystal Models - Set Of 3
Crystal Models - Bravais Set Of 14
Crystal Models - Bravais Suppl Set Of 18
Superconductivity - Magnet Levitation
Filled Conduction Bands
J1. Electrostatic Charge And Force
Van De Graaff - Repulsion Of Pie Pans
Qualitative Existence Of Electrostatic Forces
Coulomb'S Law - Projection
Van De Graaff - Pendulum
Conductors And Insulators
Kilovolt Carpet
Kilovolt Instructor
Charged Balloons
Induction - Electroscope
Electrostatic Induction
Electrostatic Attrac And Repuls - Charged Cylinders
Electrostatic Attrac And Repuls - Wimshurst Machine
Electrostatic Hair Raising
Van De Graaff - Trained Rabbit
J2. Electrostatic Devices And Applications
Wimshurst Machine
Van De Graaff Generator With Ground Sphere
Franklin's Wheel
Lightning Rod Simulator
Electrostatic Smoke Precipitator
Jacob's Ladder - Portable
J3. Electric Fields And Potential
Faraday Cage - Electroscope
Hollow Conducting Sphere
Electric Field Lines - Soap Bubbles
Van De Graaff - Induction With Spheres And Neon Bulb
Van De Graaffs - Interacting Fields
Flux Model - Electrostatics
Faraday Cage
J4. Capacitance And Polarization
Parallel Plate Capacitor
Polar And Nonpolar Liquids
Electrostatic Force - Moving Lumber
Color Filter Model Of Charged Dielectric
Discharge Of Capacitor With Bang
J5. Magnetostatics
Magnetic Field Around Single And Parallel Wires
Magnetic Filed Around Wire, Loop, Solenoid
Helmholtz Coils And Hall Probe
Oersted Experiment
Quadrupole Magnetic Filed
Magnetic Levitation - Permanent Magnet And Electromagnet
Torque On A Bar Magnet
Magnets Interacting On Pivots
Magnetic Field Of A Bar Magnet
Magnetic Field - Eme Set - Bar Magnet
Magnet Model - Field Lines
Bar Magnet, Klinger Magnet Model, And Overhead Projector.◙
Magnetic Field - Eme Set - Straight Wire
Magnetic Field - Eme Set - Two-Turn Helix
Magnetic Field - Eme Set - Solenoids
J6. Electromagnets
Circuit Paradoxes
Electromagnet With Bang
Electromagnet With Junk
Low-Power High-Force Electromagnet
Force On Solenoid Core - Small
J7. Magnetic Materials
Paramagnetism And Diamagnetism
Curie Point Of Iron
Magnetic Domains - Model
K1. Forces On Moving Charges
Force On Current In Magnetic Field
Force On Current In Magnetic Field - Portable
Force Between Current-Carrying Coils
Cathode Ray Tube - Deflection By Current
Cathode Ray Tube - Deflection By Magnet
Oscilloscope Crt - Deflection By Magnet
Oscilloscope Crt - Deflection By Electric Field
Visible Crt
Torque On Current Loop In Magnetic Field
K2. Electromagnetic Induction
Faraday's Experiment - Eme Set - 20, 40, 80 Turn Coils
Self-Induction - Demountable Transformer
Demountable Transformer - 10 Kv Arc
Lenz's Law - Magnet In Aluminum Tube
Lenz's Law - Permanent Magnet And Coils
Eddy Current Pendulum
Thomson's Coil
Induction In A Single Wire
K3. Transformers
Induction In A Transformer
Demountable Transformer - V Vs N - Oscilloscope
K4. Motors And Generators
Ac/Dc Generator
Magnetoelectric Generator With Lamp
Magnetoelectric Generator With Capacitor And Meter
Dc Motor
Dc Motor - Homemade
Motor-Generator Pair
K5. Electrical Properties Of Matter
Semiconductor Model
Battery Model
Electric Cell
Current In Biceps Muscle
Ac Plug Circuit Checker
Ac Plug Circuit Checker Checker
Rotating Two-Color Led
Ohm's Law
Resistance Vs Diameter And Length
Conductivity Of Salt Solution
Thermal Coefficient Of Resistance In Copper
Resistors At Ln Temperature
Resistors At Ln Temperature - Light Bulb Indicator
V-I Curves For Ohmic And Non-Ohmic Devices
Non-Ohmic Device - V Vs. I
Non-Ohmic Device - Light Bulb
K6. Electric Circuits And Instruments
Series And Parallel Lights - Two Bulbs
Series And Parallel Lights - Five Bulbs
Series And Parallel Light Bulbs - Battery And Clip-On Wires
Heating In Current-Carrying Wire
Energy Conversion - Immersion Heater
Hot Dog Cooker - 110 Vac
Wheatstone Bridge
Meter With Shunts And Multipliers
Voltage Divider
Diode Rectifiers And Filters
Sine Wave And Rectified Sine Wave
Kirchoff's Laws
Tv Monitor With Oscillator
K7. Rlc Circuits
Barricade Flasher
Rl Circuit - 50 Microsecond Time Constant
Relaxation Oscillator - Neon Lamp
Inductor Delaying A Lamp
Rlc Circuit Box - Differentiation And Integration
Rc Circuit - Rc Time Constant - Oscilloscope
Low And High Pass Filters
Rc Circuit - Rc Time Constant - Projection Meters
Phasor Disc
Rc Circuit - Rc Time Constant - Storage Scope
Tesla Coil
Rc Circuit - 100 Microsecond Time Constant
Current In Rc Circuit
Rlc Circuit - 10 Khz - Resonance
Rlc Circuit - 10 Khz - Damped Oscillations
Rlc Circuit - 60 Hz
Rlc Circuit - 60 Hz With Light Bulb Load
Rlc Circuit - 0.3 Hz Resonance
Rlc Circuit - 10 Khz - Phase Shifts
Rlc Circuit - 0.6 Hz With Storage Scope
Rlc Circuit - 0.6 Hz Transients
Rc Circuit - Differentiation And Integration
K8. Electromagnetic Waves
Radiowaves - Energy And Dipole Pattern
Radiowaves - Freq Measurement With Oscilloscope
Radiowaves - Coupling Of Waves
Infrared Eye
Introduction To Light Behavior
Light Nanosecond
Microwaves - Standing Waves
Radiowaves - Standing Waves
Radiowaves - Standing Waves In An Antenna
Microwaves - Waveguides
Microwaves - Tubular Waveguide
Transmission Line Sample
Pulses In Transmission Lines
Hertzian Dipoles
L1. Light Sources And Light Rays
Point Source - Flashlight Bulb
Persistence Of A Filament
Inverse Square Law - Overhead Projector And Two-Meter Stick
Pinhole Image - Ground Glass Screen
Visible Laser
L2. Plane Mirrors
Optical Board - Plane Mirror
Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Plane Mirror
Optical Board - Half-Silvered Mirror
Infinity Mirror
Optical Board - Corner Reflector
L3. Curved Mirrors
Large Convex Mirror
Optical Board - Concave Spherical Mirror
Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Concave Mirror
Optical Board - Spherical Aberration In Concave Mirror
Large Concave Mirror
Focusing Of Heat Waves By Mirrors
Penny And Parabolic Mirrors
Pendulum And Spherical Mirror
Image On Screen Using Concave Mirror
Optical Board - Spherical And Parabolic Mirrors
Giant Mirror - Concave And Convex
Optical Board - Convex Spherical Mirror
Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Convex Mirror
L4. Refraction
Refraction In Cloudy Water
Snell'S Law - Image Distortion
Bending Of A Laser Beam In Sugar Solution
Disappearance Of Glass In Liquid
Optical Board - Rectangular Slab
Refraction - Beer Mug In Water
Refraction - Rod In Water
Refraction - Can In Water Tank
Refraction In Fish Tank - Portable
L5. Total Internal Reflection
Total Internal Reflection In Long Tank
Fish In Tank - Total Internal Reflection
Image Inversion By Prism
Laser Waterfall
Plexiglass Spiral
Plexiglass Spiral With Laser
L6. Lenses
Real Image Of Converging Lens
Fresnel Lens Magnifier
Fresnel Flashlight
Optical Board - Depth Of Field
Fresnel Spotlight
Magnifying Lens In Water
Optical Board - Diverging Spherical Lens
Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Virtual Image Neg Lens
Optical Board - Spherical Aberration In Lens
Optical Board - Chromatic Aberration In Lens
Chromatic Aberration - Point Source And 20 Cm Lens
Optical Board - Converging Spherical Lens
Distortion - Pincushion And Barrel With 2 Irises
Optical Board - Circular Slab
Distortion - Pincushion And Barrel
Optical Board - Hyperbolic Lens
Distorted Image - Pincushion And Barrel
Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Real Image Pos Lens
Distortion And Correction
Optical Board - Ray Diagram - Virtual Image Pos Lens
Optical Board - Fresnel Lens
Real Image Of Converging Lens - Light Bulb
Fresnel Lenses - Miscellaneous
L7.Optical Instruments
Principal Planes
Field Lens
Overhead Projector - Dissected
Light Meters
Slide Projector - Dissected
Focal Plane Shutter
Real Image - Mirror And Lens
Shutter Speed Of A Camera
Virtual Image - Mirror And Lens
Minicam With Wide-Angle, Telephoto And Macrozoom Lens
Optical Board - Astronomical Telescope
Optical Board - Telephoto Lens
Optical Board - Galilean Telescope
Optical Board - Reflecting Telescope
Magnifying Glass - Tv
Microscope - Tv
Astronomical Telescope - Tv
Terrestrial Telescope - Tv
Galilean Telescope - Tv
M. Wave Optics
Laser Diffraction - Wires
M1. Interference And Diffraction - Slits And Gratings
Laser Difffraction - Compact Disc
Laser Diffraction - Fixed Single Slit
Laser Diffraction - Variable Single Slit
Single Slit Diffraction - Fresnel And Fraunhofer
Fingers And Sodium Source - Variable Single Slit
Laser Diffraction - Fixed Double Slits
Laser Diffraction - Multiple Slits
Laser Diffraction - Gratings
Slitfilms And Long Filament Bulb
Laser Difffraction - Phonograph Record
M2. Diffraction - Circular
Laser Diffraction - Pinholes
Laser Diffraction - Poisson'S Bright Spot
Laser Diffraction - Halo
M3. Interferometers
Michelson Interferometer - Laser Light
Michelson Interferometer - White Light
Michelson Interferometer - Gas Cell
M4. Thin Film Interference
Newton'S Rings - Projection
Interference Between Glass Plates
Soap Film Interference - Simple Large Version
M5. Interference And Diffraction Esoterica
Laser Diffraction - Pin Point
Laser Diffraction - Razor Edge
Laser Interference - Fresnel's Biprism
M6. Holograms
Hologram - Multiplex - The Kiss
M7. Polarization And Scattering
Crossed Polaroids - E Field Components
Brewster's Angle - Semicircular Lucite Slab
Depolarization By Scattering - Wax Paper
Rotation Of Polarization - Polaroid And Wax Paper
Scattering Of Laser Beam
Polaroids And Gooseneck Lamp
Malus' Law
M8. Optical Activity And Birefringence
Polaroids And Karo Syrup
Optical Activity - Glass In Karo Syrup Tank
Optical Activity In Karo Syrup Cylinders
Calcite Birefringence
M9. Elliptical Polarization
Circular Polarization - Rotating Vector Model
Quarter Wave Plate
Half Wave Plate
N1. Continuous Spectra
Variation Of Spectrum With Lamp Intensity
Goethe's Puzzle
Diffraction Spectrum Of White Light - Point Source
Diffraction Spectrum Of White Light - Portable
Fine Resolution Of Spectrum Using Two Prisms
Prismatic Spectrum Of White Light - Point Source
Prismatic Spectrum Of White Light - Incandescent
Prismatic Spectrum Of White Light - Water Prism
N2. Line Spectra
Diffraction Spectra - Miscellaneous Tubes
Diffraction Spectrum Of Hydrogen - Holographic Gratings
Spectroscope - Hydrogen Spectrum
Prismatic Spectrum Of Sodium
N3. Color
Additive Color Mixing - Projectors
Series Red Filters
O2. Visual Latency
Persistence Of Vision - Electronic Flash
Persistence Of Vision - Magic Wand
Visual Latency - Reaction Time
Stroboscope And Falling Water
O4.Optical Illusions
Optical Illusion Prints
Light Piston
P1. Relativity
Curvature Of Space
Einstein's Relativity Experiement
P2. Quantum Mechanics
Electron Diffraction Model
Black Body Model
E/M Of Electron
Classical Harmonic Oscillator - Qm Introduction
Photoelectric Truck
X-Ray Diffraction Model
Electron Diffraction
P3. Atoms And Molecules
Periodic Chart
Cathode Ray Tube - Shadow Effect - Maltese Cross
Cathode Ray Tube - Canal Rays
Fluorescent Liquids
Phosphorescence - Black Light And Oscilloscope
P4. Nuclei And Particles
Geiger Counter
Nuclides Chart
Cloud Chamber - Individual Viewing
Chain Reaction - Dominoes Model